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If you want to sell, we will match you with the best buyer..

If you want to buy, we will match you with the ideal apartment.

Royal Bansko Aparthotel

This is a fabulous opportunity to own one of the most beautifully furnished and decorated apartments in Bansko. It has everything you need and more, …

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We do not have pages and pages of properties advertised online for you to trawl through as we want to get to know you first to understand what you need and ensure that we find the best fit for you.  We don’t want to waste your time showing you properties that will never be ‘THE ONE’ for you.  We will take time to listen carefully to what you tell us, considering your needs and staying within your budget.


We are the Bansko Match Makers, matching properties with buyers.  We have regular viewing trips organised and with the work we put into those trips the potential buyers already know before arriving which apartments will suit them best.

Property Rentals

We have a number or rental property for both short and long term

Todorka Views

Beautiful apartment with modern furnishings. Lovely shower room, Balcony, Kitchen with dishwasher, hob, microwave, fridge, kettle and toaster. Very close to town centre, Nice garden …

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