At Alexander Services we offer the perfect answer for your overseas investment when you cannot be there all year round. We are a British owned and managed company with a wealth of experience in the Property and Facilities Management industry. With our team of British and Bulgarian staff we are ideally placed to look after your property for you. 
We know there are many PM companies operating in Bansko, some small and some large. You need to have complete confidence in your property managers, building a good relationship with them, which is based on trust.

Being the first British owned and managed company to enter the market in Bansko we have built up a reputation we are quite rightly very proud of. Testament to this is the number of owners we still have with us since we began in 2005.  Many have tried to copy us but none has quite succeeded in matching the level we have attained.  We are regularly praised by owners and guests alike on the superb team we have to assist them in Bansko.



Property Management is an integral part of anyone’s successful investment, especially in countries like Bulgaria.
We are quite rightly proud of our excellent reputation which is the result of good team workexcellent communication and having lots of great clients to look after.

On these pages, you will understand how we can best assist you to ensure all your worries and concerns are taken away. We are continually improving our service to all of our Property Management clients, and fully understand that our owners need to be confident that their investment is well looked after and that regular checks have actually been carried out.

We have invested heavily in a digital security system installed in each of our managed apartments. This is a computerised system which gives an audit trail of the date and time when each apartment has been checked and the name of the person who carried out the check. We install a memory chip in each apartment, usually under one of the kitchen cabinets.  The memory chip contains only a hexadecimal number which is read by a digital reader carried by the person completing the security check. The reader is downloaded each night into a database which provides the audit trail. Each owner can then log on to their dedicated area on our website, and confirm when and by whom the apartment has been checked. This gives 100% positive proof that the apartment has been checked.


You will always find a friendly team member eager to help you, face to face in our easy to find office in Bansko, at the end of the telephone for a chat, or with a quick reply to your email.

With ASL you will have a dedicated web page on our website that is accessible only by you via a password protected login.

On these pages you will see current and past account statements detailing income and expenditure for your apartment, security checks, and copies of other documents relevant to your apartment.

With the unique ASL Digitool system, we are the only PM Company in Bansko that can prove 100% that your apartment has been visited when we say it has been visited.

The experienced ASL team will carry out regular security checks, and report any defects or issues to you via email. We will install a security chip under one of the kitchen cabinets in your apartment. A security wand will read this each time we carry out a check. The reader will be downloaded in our Head Office and the information uploaded to your secure web page.

You will be able to see who has carried out the check, what date and at what time.


Our checks are extensive and cover a variety of tasks necessary to ensure the safe keeping of each property. We take particular note of the following:
Ventilation of the property and checking window frames and glazing
Are there any leaks – egress or ingress? Any leaks under sinks or from other pipes?
Are there any signs of dampness
Are there any signs of dampness
Is the boiler working?
Electrical sockets and heaters – are they working?
Do the toilets flush properly?
Replacement of bulbs from your supply or from our stock at your cost
Is the water flow from taps good?
Noting maintenance requirements and any damages


We act as your key holder (3 copies of apartment keys - 2 if not rented out - to be supplied at owners cost and held by us).
We operate a bar code system for all keys held to ensure safety should they be mislaid or lost by you or your guests.
The key fob will have a unique bar code on one side for us to identify it by. On the other side there will be a request from us stating ‘if found please return to Alexander Services’. No apartment details will be shown on the key fob..


We check for and organise the payment of water bills on your behalf. ,Actual bill charges are additional.
We check for and organise the payment of electricity bills on your behalf. Actual bill charges are additional.
We check for and organise the payment of annual Municipality taxes on your behalf. Actual bill charges are additional.
We will advise whenever there is a bill due and you have insufficient funds to cover the outstanding amount.
This will give you the opportunity to transfer funds to allow the bill to be paid to ensure the supplies are not ceased.


Your water supply will be switched off when the apartment is not in use as a precaution to avoid flooding if your apartment is left unoccupied for any period.
Flooding can in a minority of cases still occur if the water pressure breaks pipes or valves beyond the cut off valve, or it can sometimes occur in apartments above or in the vicinity.
You can direct us to set your heating system to a frost setting (if available) to provide background heating should the temperature fall below a certain level when the apartment is left unoccupied.
You can direct us to drain your water tank and system in October/November if you will not use your property during the winter, to prevent any damages if the temperatures drop to very low and sustained levels..


All maintenance and emergency calls that are out with normal operating hours will be charged at a standard call out rate of 20 euros plus the emergency repair.


There is great competition for apartments in Bansko to achieve rentals and this is increasing each season.
We offer one standard management package for all clients and it is then a personal choice whether you want to rent or not.
We can advertise your property for rent and look after the associated services if this is what you require.
We can offer free advertising on our rental website and other sites.
If you do want us to advertise your apartment, we prefer you to take your own pictures and email those to us as you then have exactly the ones you wish to have shown. All pictures should be reduced in size for web viewing prior to emailing to us. If this is not possible, we can take pictures of each apartment and upload these to the website for a charge of 18 euros.
We can meet and welcome your guests at your apartment or in other locations by arrangement. There is no charge for Meeting guests if it is a booking sourced by us and they arrive in normal office hours.
We ensure the heating (during winter) and boiler is switched on prior to all arrivals and ensure the apartment is ready for guests.
For rentals we achieve on your behalf we take a rental commission of 15% on the total income for the period of the rental. For bookings taken via our Bulgarian and Polish Tour Operators there may be a further 5% - 10% charged by them depending on operator. The good news for owners is that these operators will pay our rack rates and book on an availability basis only.
Other costs associated with rentals are vat, income tax and nightly municipality taxes.
We do not charge any commission for rentals achieved directly by our owners unless you wish us to administer these for you.
You will not be tied in to any agreements for set periods of the year. You are free to have full use of your apartment at any time and take bookings yourself and to advertise with other agents.
We cannot guarantee any level of rental returns for clients. 
A separate rental agreement will have to be signed if you wish us to source rentals for you.


No commission is payable to us for bookings achieved directly by the owner.
Apartment preparation if not same day change round 12.00 EUR
Meet and Greet and key collection during office hours 12.00 EUR
Meet and Greet and key collection out with office hours 18.00 EUR
For all bookings if a complete inventory check is required post rental 12.00 EUR
For bookings taken by owners directly, we recommend you take a deposit or credit card number and expiry date for security against any damage caused during lets.


Apartment Cleaning for owners and guest bookings

We can provide a cleaning service between let’s to include all laundry (towels and bed linen) toilet paper and hotel style soap. The cost for this service is:
Small studio apartment 23 euros
Large studio apartment 25 euros
One bed apartment 27 euros
Two bed apartment 31 euros
Two bed/two bath apartment 33 euros
Three bed apartment 35 euros
Four bed apartment 40 euros


At any time, we can take digital pictures showing the current state of your apartment to include internal pictures of each room, furnishings, external views of complex, common areas etc. A set of pictures cost 18 euros per sitting.


We can arrange for our transfer partners to organise transfers for you. You will pay them direct.
Please ask for details. We will need dates, flight details (if applicable), number of persons travelling and any special requirements you may have.


• Painting and decorating

• Tiling
• Plumbing installations including washing machines, boilers and shower cubicles

• Electrical installations including light fittings and sockets

• Maintenance of wooden balconies
• Grass cutting and general landscaping
• Swimming Pool maintenance


• Supply and fitting of blinds to include a complete measuring service

• Insurance quotations and policy provision
• Replacement and additional locks

• Key cutting
• Welcome food packs
• Birthday and celebration cakes
• Oil filled mobile radiator supplies
• Logs supply
• Internet connections
• Satellite TV installations
• Details of recommended furniture suppliers
• Full or part apartment inventory supply
• Linen supplies
• Bulstat card registration
• Apartment Municipality registration
• Power of Attorney
Legal Representation recommendations

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